Greetings DirtyTroops!

I’ve been busy working on a very special upcoming mini-solo show of seven new works for ‘Dreamer, Lover, Maker, Fighter’ exhibition
Opening at BeinArt Gallery June 2nd – 24th
It’s been some time since I’ve has had a NEW set of works available to offer to collectors and fans. I’m excited to announce this will be the fist time that I bring the ‘DirtyLand’ to Melbourne Australia!

For VIP Collector Preview, Inquiries about Viveros NEW works, get an early jump and email:
And someone will get back at you

Below is a a sneak peek behind the scenes look at some of the NEW works for my upcoming mini-solo show at BeinART Gallery June 2nd.

This highly anticipated mini-solo set will feature 7 new, never before seen pieces. Included are Viveros’ iconic signature warrior ‘Women of Power’ pushed to the next level of detail and finesse with new uses of color & even more sophisticated techniques. This set will also include some smaller affordable works for collectors who’ve always wanted to get there hands on a Viveros original. Please be sure in addition to be signed up for our mailing list that you sign up for the BeinART Galley VIP Collector Preview list by clicking here

OPENING NIGHT: Saturday, June 2, from 6pm – 9pm. Free entry.
This exhibition runs from June 2 to June 24
Beinart Gallery
1 Sparta Place | Brunswick | VIC | 3056
PHONE: +61 3 9939 3681
Questions,Inquiries, EMAIL:

Please Note: If you see a piece you’re interested in or would like to inquiry about,
Don’t Wait! Get an early jump and email:

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