SODAMUCK NO. 10 Directed by VIVEROS/RESSLER featuring the music of The VELVOIDS

An Opheliaist tightrope strut above the chasm separating the Godhead and death.

Music: The Velvoids

do the tight wind, then i\’ll pay
ure too green, u dont see it but its there
i tell u that its there
u tick the time bomb while i chew ur gum
ure so weird but at least ure kind, there
i tell u that its there
yea i tell u that its dead, good god
there, i tell u that its dead


Produced & Directed: Brian M. Viveros / Eriijk Rêssler
Edited: Eriijk Rêssler
Music: The Velvoids

Additional music at: thinkbabymusic