Tercio De Muerte


Tercio de Muerte: a 6.3 minute thrill ride of charged symbolism and cool sexuality – a sly melodrama of masculine/feminine interplay. Through it, the tough and sultry women of Brian M. Viveros’ paintings come alive in this stylized short that he and Eriijk Rêssler produced and directed. The accompanying score by Forming./Drowning Witch (Eriijk Rêssler) translates all the tension and ascension movement through a delicate dance of guitar feedback psychedelia. Tercio de Muerte continues their tradition of cinematic trance. ¡Viva la Dirtylandia!

Produced & Directed: Brian M. Viveros / Eriijk Rêssler

Edited: Eriijk Rêssler

Music: Forming./Drowning Witch (Eriijk Rêssler)

Additional music at: sounds of ŁξνξŦΛŦ¡ϕη