TATTOO SOCIETY MAGAZINE spotlights the work of Artist/Director/Smoker Brian M. Viveros.

Went to the mailbox and what did EYE see, two packages  of the latest issue of Tattoo Society. Just wanted to say I’m so please with the spread/interview my homie Tony Romel did.

Great job brutha man, I really dig this issue because it also features people that actually have tattoos of my paintings. You can see much more of that under my ‘ Fans ‘ page. To all of my supporters go out and get this issue, it’s really good and again just honored to be a part of it. Also features the amazing work of  David Corden who as done several tattoos of my paintings, an amazing talent gotta see it to believe it.  Holy HolyDaze to everyone!

Stay Naughty not nice -heeheehee
Brian M. Viveros

And oh yeah if you haven’t yet view my latest project ‘Sodamuck No.10‘ please check it out  and spread the virus.

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