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I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be coming to the UK with Los Angeles’ Thinkspace Gallery to present a highly anticipated solo exhibition of brand new work. ‘Bulletproof,’ a complete collection of all new works will be on view at London’s Moniker International Art Fair from Oct. 5 to October 8, 2017, and will be the very first time that I bring my legendary Dirtyland “over the pond.” This dirty dozen of 12 new, never before seen, pieces represents some of my most arresting and beautifully rendered work to date.

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This epic set of new works will include some of my most iconic Dirtyland characters alongside some new archetypes pushed to the next level of detail and finesse, with new uses of color and even more sophisticated techniques. Among them are a new “Evillast,” and a new “Viva la Muerte,” all executed in new palettes of softer, more romantic, tempered hues with gorgeous, surreal floral motifs. I also started incorporating more abstract patterns and subtle floating geometric elements into some of my paintings for the first time, contributing to their feeling of surreal otherworldliness and suspension.

Bulletproof is an ode to the inviolable strength of the survivor, to the imperviousness of her unrelenting will and strength. Viveros’ iconic warrior women are emblematic of this refusal to submit; tough but sensual, they embody the courage of the feminine as empowered Victor. Impassable and steadfast, these heroes cannot be broken down, no matter the ammunition with which they’re faced. Armored and indomitable, Bulletproof is a collection dedicated to survival.

ABOUT THE NEW COLLECTION: The collection represents some notable firsts; a double portrait, featuring two Dirtyland warriors side by side for the first time, and a large-scale painting, Queen of the Land, depicting a fuller body view draped in detailed bullets, beyond the standard portraiture format Viveros has typically used.

Also part of Bulletproof will be some phenomenal charcoal renderings, a gorgeous signature bull horned helmet girl, “Raging Bull,” and a special tribute piece to his favorite tequila, Don Julio entitled “1942” All of this phenomenal new work will be coming to London’s Moniker International Art Fair from Oct. 5 to October 8, 2017.

For collectors who are familiar with Viveros’ work, know just how high the anticipation and demand is for these originals. What we also suggest you do is sign up for the Thinkspace Gallery mailing list at (upper right corner of their homepage. ) to ensure you get the collector preview for ‘Bulletproof’ Viveros’ most accomplished and ambitious collection to date!

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