Greetings DirtyTroops!

I’ve got three new paintings coming to Scope Miami Beach, November 29th through December 4th, 2016. These works are important ones to me, inspired by some life-changing experiences. I wanted to push these paintings, the last that will be available this year, to another level, by harnessing the power of the personal.

These works, most importantly, are dedicated to all of the strong women out there fighting for their lives and fighting breast cancer – my mom is one of them. To all of you going through this, or those of you with loved ones you’re witnessing in these terrible trenches, these three works are dedicated to you and to winning the battle.

For collector preview please make sure you’re on the Thinkspace Gallery mailing list. You can sign up at ‘upper right corner’

In exploring this dedicated theme, I’ve been working with a specific color palette. I’ve incorporated more muted pastel colors, like pink for breast cancer, and some light blue, set against the dramatic contrast of imperious golds – to keep it soft but strong.

These will be my last paintings of the year, so if you’re hoping to secure an original in 2016, don’t miss this opportunity. Be sure you’re signed up for my exclusive mailing list for updates & news by clicking on the link and say ‘Dirty List Please’

Stay Dirty, Stay Healthy, and FUCK CANCER!!!




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